The World of Fun

In this very bizarre adventure game, the World of Fun, a world composed of a giant theme park, has been overrun by evil creatures. The creatures have turned all of the fun rides into instruments of destruction and torture. You are, of course, the proverbial "chosen one" who needs to save the world and make it fun again.

Yeah, like I said, bizarre. Anyway, the game is composed entirely of ANSI graphics, which just adds to the fun.

Wow. I had forgotten that this one even existed. In fact, when I rediscovered it recently I nearly attributed it to some other Jeff Hanson, but I found some fingerprints that prove my guilt in the matter.

It's a very strange little adventure game I made with the popular ZZT game creation system back in 1993, during or shortly after my first summer working at a theme park in northern NH. The whole theme park experience had obviously overtaken (damaged?) my impressionable young brain, since this game is set in a world entirely comprised of rides, fun houses, and such. I would like to think that it was a melancholy tribute to period of time that I knew I could never get back. In fact, I would like you to think that too, so let's just go with it.

This one comes complete with jokes only a 15-year-old me could find funny, an unintentionally ironic title, and just about every adventure game cliche known to man.

You need ZZT or a ZZT emulator to play this. I linked one for OS X below.