The Scent of War Demo

Here's a somewhat playable, VERY early demo of my RPG, Scent of War. This version is for DOS and was made almost two years before the actual game was released for Windows 95. You get to fight your way through one randomly selected, really boring dungeon. There are 3 playable races, 10 classes, and countless bugs.

This gem is an early proof-of-concept for an RPG. I made this back in 1994 in QuickBASIC. It was just a quickly designed demo that I used to try to entice a couple of my friends (as seen in the credits) into working on an RPG with me.

The project got shelved pretty quickly due to lack of interest, but was resurrected about a year later when I needed to do a senior project for a high school class. I enlisted one of the original people from this demo, who became the main writer on the project. That project evolved into a Shareware role playing game for Windows 95 that earned me an A+ and went on to be a minor success.

As an interesting side note, this demo had been lost for many years, and I had completely forgotten about its existence, until I found it on an archive of a BBS I used to frequent. That officially makes me old, I believe.

This is a DOS game that will run in DOSBox or on a real MS-DOS machine if you're as old as I am. Turn on CAPS LOCK for best results.

Scent of War Demo Screen Shot

Download for DOS (Yeah, DOS. Really.)