Simple 3D Dungeon

This is a simple, randomly-generated 3D dungeon demo. There are no enemies or anything in it, so it's not really a game per se - more of a tech demo/test of skills. The concepts here could be used in future projects of mine. But probably not since I really like my 2D games.

In all my years of making little games and such, I never ventured into the 3D arena - until now. I'm just not that big a fan of 3D games, to be honest. I like the classics, and they're all 2D. But, I wanted a new challenge, so I picked up a book on it, read it over the weekend, and finished this a couple of evenings later.

It's just a simple test, so there's no enemies or anything like that. It is a simple, randomly-generated 3D dungeon that you can navigate with the keyboard arrows (and Escape key to quit).