Senet is essentially a race game, like Backgammon, Sorry!, or Pachisi. The object is to move all of your pieces, or pawns, off the board before your opponent. You roll a single die to decide how far you can move a pawn during your turn. If you land on your opponent's pawn, you switch places with them.

Senet was arguably the world's first board game, created in ancient Egypt in roughly 3,500 BC. In its time, Senet was exceptionally popular with everyone from commoners to pharaohs. Later in its reign of popularity, the Egyptians believed that people who were good at it were protected by the gods.

Unfortunately, since it was so popular, nobody bothered to write down the rules. Why bother when everyone knows how to play? In recent years, scholars made educated guesses and came up with a few different rule sets - I picked the best ideas from each, and made our own variation.

I modernized the game to make it appeal to today's gamer, while retaining all of the classic elements that made it so popular for over 2,000 years.

It sold a few copies over the years, but life got in the way so I had to stop supporting it. My loss is your gain - you can download it here for free now. It's unsupported though, so don't expect fixes if something doesn't work right.