Goblin Dreams

Goblin Dreams is an early 90s shareware style platformer, complete with glorious 16-color EGA graphics. It's the kind of game you could have found on a 5.25" floppy at your local Waldenbooks back when Sir Mix-a-lot was first professing his love for large behinds and the world was being invaded by vorticons.


  • Peelu - Our hero, the Goblin Kingdom's greatest Dream Warrior
  • Blobert - A little blobby guy with big teeth. One zap can knock him out.
  • Uncle Ant - A quick little ant. He'll follow you if you get too close. Two zaps to send him back to the colony.
  • Mr. Shoe - A carnivorous shoe who is dangerously fast. He must be a running shoe. It takes three zaps to sock it to him.
  • Polterghost - A spooky ghost who flies around doing spooky ghost things. One zap busts this one.
  • Big Boss Blobert - The biggest, baddest, blob around. Nobody knows how many zaps it takes to get to the center of this sucker.

This game is currently being released as HTML5 only, and is free. If you enjoy it, please consider dropping a buck or two in the tip jar on itch.io so I can make more games like it. If you hate it, please consider dropping a buck or two in the tip jar so I can make better games. Oh, and people who tip (regardless of amount) will receive a personal thank you message and maybe even some cheat codes.

And if you ask really nicely, maybe I'll make a few more levels or build a MacOS/Windows/iOS/whatever version for you.