BlockDrop 1.1.0 is a re-release of a little Tetris/Columns clone I made back in finals week of 1999 while I was trying not to study. It's pretty simple, but goes above the usual clones in three ways. First of all, it supports customizable tile sets. Second, there are special blocks, such as blocks that clear out all of one color. Finally, there is a special "Quest Mode" that lets you play through some difficult situations.

In finals week of 1999, I created this Tetris/Columns type game. The original version of this game, which was never distributed publicly, used the faces of various South Park characters in place of the generic blocks. Since I'm a nice, law-abiding kind of guy, when I decided that the game was good enough that other people might like it, I swapped out the faces for the blocks, and BlockDrop was born.