Store Override Editor

This program is used to edit stores, taverns, and inns in the classic Baldur's Gate computer roleplaying game. You can change what items the stores offer (including adding in your own custom items), change prices, etc.

Please keep in mind that I can't guarantee that this won't break your game, so use it at your own risk!

The Store Override Editor is a little utility that I whipped up in a few hours back in 1999. I am sure that better editors have come along since I made this thing so long ago, so it's here for historical purposes more than anything.

I used to really like hacking saved game files, which was largely a manual process. Eventually, I started writing these little utilities to do it for me, rather than dealing with the hex editor all the time. This is the only one I can find on my old backup discs, even though I distinctly remember writing one for Master of Magic at some point...