JH NameGen Gold

JH NameGen Gold is a full-featured random generator for Windows. It generates random names of elves, ships, taverns, towns, and more. It also generates things such like adventure hooks and stat blocks, which are useful for pen & paper RPGs. JH NameGen Gold can even speak the generated names to you if also download the speech pack.

In late 2002, I developed this name generator to help me create names for a fantasy RPG campaign I was running. Some friends of mine saw the usefulness of the tool and encouraged me to release it to the public.

From 2003-2004, I sold JH NameGen Gold as a Shareware version of that original name generator It was not a huge seller, as it is a niche product, but it did pretty well. I even worked with Monte Cook, an accomplished RPG writer, to create a special rule pack to generate names specifically for his campaign world.

Eventually, demand for the software tailed off, and I stopped playing pen & paper RPGs, so I discontinued it. Now, you can download the last released version of it here, for free. Please note that even though it's free to download, the EULA still applies, so do not redistribute it.