Fortune Teller

The aptly named Fortune Teller 3.0 is a very early program of mine that has three mystical functions - Decision Maker (kind of like a Magic 8 Ball), Magic Numbers (lucky lottery numbers), and Fortune Cookie (bits of wisdom to live your life by).

Fortune Teller was one of my first, if not my first, published programs. It made its way onto several of those early "shovelware" CD-ROMs, and was available for purchase on 5 1/4" floppy disks in various bookstores and such. Since it was a freeware program I didn't see a penny of that money, but it was cool for a kid to see his creation in stores.

This is actually a later version of the program (from 1993), though the original first went out in mid-1992. The program was written in a QBASIC clone called ApBASIC, which allowed it to be compiled, but limited its graphics capabilities (hence the 100% text interface).

This will run in DOSBox or on a real DOS machine if you can find one that still works.